Meet Your Innkeepers

1Rick and Lorrie have been together since 1980 and have two grown children. They have always enjoyed having guests over and sharing their lives.  Twenty some years ago they said to themselves, “I wish we could make a living doing this.” In 2003, they bought this beautiful house on the lake in order to realize their dream.

The house needed both cosmetic and some structural renovation, a process Rick took on with his famously intense work ethic. Coupled with Lorrie’s keen talent for being able to match historical touches and antiques with a modern simplicity, the house became what it is today.

Rick learned to fly at age 15 and helped his Dad build their house in Ohio.  After finding college for Aeronautical Engineering rather dull, he went back to building houses while he continued to work on his pilot ratings. He landed a job as an electrician on DC8’s & Boeing 707’s and after building up enough experience to pilot twin engine aircraft, Rick flew for Airborne Express. After a couple years of hard work, he purchased his first airplane and used it to start his own aircraft charter business, carrying freight for Airborne and UPS.  He also purchased an aerobatic biplane, to satisfy his adrenaline addiction, which he modified and became well known on the airshow circuit. His true love however was competition, where he climbed to the top category, scoring several first places.

After the freight business grew to the point where his size aircraft could not carry the larger loads, he bailed out of aviation and sold the business.  He was looking for another challenge so he and Lorrie sold the solar passive home they designed and built near their grass runway, along with the horses and chickens, and bought the 1830’s home on Mariaville Lake.

With Rick’s background, and help from some friends, he renovated the house and turned it into a bed and breakfast. After a few years he had time to renovate the Lake Cottage. You will often still find Rick working around the grounds maintaining or fixing just about everything. If you don’t see him, it’s because he is off flying – again. After being retired from flying for nearly a decade, Rick figured he just wasn’t busy enough, and missed the skies. He took a job with ATI Jet Executive Charter flying Lear Jets. In what spare time he has, he enjoys playing drums, guitar,  hiking, watching Indy car and Formula One, driving his car too fast and playing music too loudly.


Lorrie hails from Litchfield County, Connecticut and still considers herself a dyed in the wool New Englander. She has always been domestic and has been called an “earth mother” by those who know her. When the kids were growing up she raised chickens for eggs and turkeys for meat. While many of her kids’ friends were getting sugar cereal, hotdogs and Lil Debbie snacks, hers were eating buckwheat pancakes, falafel and berries picked from the acres they lived on. Vegetarian at heart, Lorrie cultivated a large garden and baked most of the family’s bread, before it was the trendy thing to do. Lorrie has worked at the public library since 2000 and climbed the ranks to manager at the local branch, so she may chat you up about the latest great novel. She is very well-read and her kids often call her with questions instead of bothering with wading through google results. She is very active, taking long walks and hikes, Nia classes and practicing yoga. She enjoys cooking, live music, and being outdoors. Lorrie works diligently to lower the inn’s carbon footprint with green cleaners, recycling everything allowable, and using fresh, local ingredients in the cooking as much as possible.


You will find Rick and Lorrie knowledgeable about the area. They are around for information or conversation, but will not impede on your space. As one guest stated, “Hospitality abounds while guest’s privacy and solitude are highly respected.”

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Upstate New York's Capital Region offers something for everyone, and we are in the heart of it all. Rich in history and natural beauty, there are activities and experiences in every season.

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The Capital Region boasts several great restaurants for whatever your palate and purse. We have eaten at every one on our recommended list, and all meet our standards for food, service, and atmosphere. Many offer discounts for guests.



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