Waking Up Is Hard To Do!

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. It’s cooled off a little bit you’re not sweating an hour into the day and the colors are vibrant. I waxed poetic about fall last week so I’ll spare you this time. Let’s talk about one of the drawbacks. The dark. It’s darker in the morning which makes it harder to get up. B&B owners know a thing or two about waking up early. Some people are morning people, some are not; however, I don’t believe that it’s something you can’t change, or at least it isn’t something that can’t be improved upon. I’m somebody who struggles with getting up in the morning already, so having it still be dark out when I’m trying to wake up is honestly pretty awful. I like my mornings to go as smoothly as possible, and wake up in a good mood (again, if possible). I think it’s a fair assumption that most people would like that as well. Here are a few of my tips that have helped me do just that!


Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Yes, so coffee (okay, or tea) makes your morning start  better – it just does. That’s not rocket science. The trick is to get prepped as much as possible the night before. I use a French press in the morning so that means loading up my French press and filling the teakettle with water. Then all I have to do in the morning, with the little brain power and motor skills I possess, is turn on the tea kettle. Whatever you use to make your coffee try to get it all set up the night before. If you’re really lucky and you have a coffee maker that has the timer on it that’ll start the coffee for you – oh my God use it! Put the mug out next to whatever coffee maker you’re using. I know it sounds simple, but I’ve found it really makes a difference! The other thing I found tremendously helpful is making breakfast the night before, or ahead for the week if you can. All you have to do is heat it up in the morning, or grab it as you go out the door. If it isn’t something you can make ahead of time, set up as much as you can. Take out the dishes, pull the ingredients out of their packages, streamline the process!


Pack It Up

Get all your stuff ready and pack it up the night before! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been ready, if not early for work, and then ended up being late, running around trying to pack up my lunch, or find my keys, or switch purses. The amount of stress I have eliminating from my life by packing my lunches, switching purses, packing my laptop, workout clothes or whatever I will need the night before is amazing. Also, always keeping your keys in the same place is so, so elementary and so, so necessary! Try to pick out your clothes the night before as much as you can, including jewelry and undergarments. I’m telling you, realizing that the pair of underwear you have on can be seen through what you’re wearing can really throw off your morning. Or that you don’t have clean socks, or they have holes in them, or whatever. Even if all this saves you just 5 minutes, that is 5 minutes more you can be grateful and enjoy it, or:


Do Something Good For Yourself

While this may not save you time, hopefully by using the other tips you will have more time and therefore be able to add in this to boost your mood and help you have a better day. Take the extra time and stretch, or read, or listen to some music and meditate, or watch a bit of your favorite show. Stretching is something I try to do every morning, and something a lot of adults forget about. Kids and animals almost always do a full body stretch when they wake up. I think as adults we forget because our brain is already busy trying to organize our day. Even if it is just a big luxurious full body stretch in bed, take the extra 15 seconds to do it. So spend the extra time you’ve saved on yourself – listen to some music, read a chapter in a book, or do some yoga while you watch a bit of a show that makes you happy. Burn some sage, meditate, or just sit with your coffee. If you are lucky enough to be at Mariaville Lake B&B, take a moment to gaze at the lake! Take some “me time” before you get bogged down with life, traffic and work. Remind yourself that you’re important 🙂
There you have it. Quick, simple, easy tips to hopefully have your morning start off smoother. They are probably things you already know, but once in a while we all need to be reminded about some things. Good morning and good luck!

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