Autumn is the best!

Summer is wonderful. It’s warm, it’s bright, it reminds you life is worth living. There are outdoor fairs, festivals and music concerts. And swimming and ice cream and fresh produce. I’m always a little sad when it comes to a close – but Autumn makes is a little easier. The quality of light changes, the colors grow deep and rich. The weather is not as stifling – and you aren’t shoveling snow yet. There are so many reasons to love the fall and here are just a few!

Pumpkin Patches and Orchards

As the air pumpkin-patch-erin-mariaville-lake-bbturns crisp and cool, there are few better ways to spend the fall day than rambling around an orchard. There are pumpkins to find, farm animals to fawn over, apples to pick, corn mazes to get lost in and apple cider donuts to gorge on. Indian Ladder Farms, Altamont Orchards and Bowman Orchards are just a few to choose from in the area. There are also corn mazes and haunted farms to discover (and mess with your friends at). Some of my fondest memories are going to The Pumpkin Patch. Go there! The entire experience of pumpkin patches, orchards and/or haunted farms may very well be one of the biggest reason fall is so exciting.


Pumpkin Spice

Okay. Pumpkin spice anything has been over-blown as of latte-mariaville-lake-bblate. But, honestly, pumpkin spice lattes are pretty much amazing. It has been deemed a “basic white girl” thing, which is too bad. Don’t give pumpkin spice a bad name. You don’t have to wear Victoria’s Secret sweatpants and Uggs while you drink it. You can curl up in a sweater with a book, or relax outside at a coffee shop, or stroll around your city with a to-go cup wearing a big scarf and boots (how very Gilmore Girls). Drinking coffee, pumpkin spice or not, in fall is the bees knees. It warms you up and you feel cozy all over. Also: pumpkin spice bread, muffins, cookies etc. etc. I encourage you to not care whether it’s “over” or “basic” and enjoy the hell out of it!

The look, the feel of Autumn

cobblestone-mariaville-lake-bbAnother great thing about fall is simply the atmosphere. You don’t even have to do anything. Just look, and BE. There are leaves falling and rustling along the ground as you walk through them, the hills are exploding in color, and the air is crisp. Remember how much fun it was to kick through leaves as a kid? Do it again! I love the sound of leaves being shuffled around, especially coupled with the click-clack of boots on a cobble stone street. If you’re out on a hike, note the quietness –  you can really hear the leaves dancing in the wind when it’s not overwhelmed by the sound of buzzing bugs. It is all magical!

I could probably write forever about Autumn. There is so much to love about it that it certainly eases the pain of the departing summer for me. The changing of seasons in general is always somewhat cathartic. It’s a time to “turn over a new leaf” (ha!) and make adjustments in your life. Take it in stride, embrace it! Channel it to make changes in your own life. It only lasts a while, so enjoy it for all it is worth. With that said, I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite poems, by Robert Frost:


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