Coooooome ooon 7s! Schenectady Casino

If you are a local, by now you’ve heard about the new Rivers Casino being built in Schenectady. It will be located at 301 Nott St, Schenectady, NY 12305,  less than 25 minutes from Mariaville Lke B&B. By the Mohawk River, the Casino is already accepting job applications. Fancy yourself a mean black jack dealer? Go for it! That is one positive impact the Casino will have on the area – the creation of jobs. Plus it’s another reason to choose Schenectady County as your vacation destination.

Casino 2 near Mariaville Lake B&B

Proposed Fanciness

Ah, casinos. The whirl of the roulette wheel, the ringing bells, the flashing lights, the neon, the dizzying carpet. I’ve never been much for gambling. I’ve been to several casinos, including a bunch in Las Vegas, and will probably visit this one as well. I’m not so interested in gambling as I am the atmosphere. It’s fun to get lost (because seriously, those places are near impossible to get out of) among the lights and sounds for a while. There is something strangely calming for me about the overly stimulated space. There is so much to take in, that your mind seems to only concentrate on the environment, giving you a break from your internal analyzing. And probably making it tough to make sound decisions, which is more likely the point.

Actually, that is probably why people can sit and gamble for so long. You get in a rhythm – pull, whiiir, pull, whiiir – and the outside world ceases to exist. There’s also the thrill (or allure of the promise of the thrill) of winning.  It can be a fun time, and it is excellent people watching!


Erin in Las Vegas

From the just 21 year olds in cargo shorts, to men in tailored suits and women in cocktail dresses, to an array of older people (in everything from suit jackets and pocket squares to sweatpants and plastic visors), there is no shortage of entertainment. I’m curious to see what sort of crowd this casino attracts. It will, no doubt, be a mixture, but I wonder if it will be a lot of locals. I wonder if people will run into friends and acquaintances while there, like, will it be a hang-out? Certainly we’ll have the opportunity to meet all sorts of folks.

Well, I guess we will see. We will see what it adds to the community, what kind of money we all win (hahahaha) and what kind of people watching we get. If nothing else, it will be something new to check out!

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