Just a Little History of Mariaville

The town of Duanesburg, just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Mariaville, was settled as early as 1736. James Duane was a mayor of NYC, and a friend of George Washington (…here, you dropped this). He imagined that Duanesburg would one day become the capital of New York – which didn’t exactly happen. Mariaville is a hamlet of Duanesburg, and was named for James’s daughter.

Mariaville Store - Mariaville Lake B&B

Old Mariaville Lake Side Store

Mariaville was nothing to shake a stick at in its day. There was a handle shop (huh!), a couple gristmills, several sawmills and a wagon shop as well as a paint shop, which painted the wagons! Oh, and a cider mill that also made hard cider! What a industrious town! A gristmill just west of Mariaville became known for making pancake batter, and some surmise that is where “Batter Street” got its name. Makes sense right? Mariaville Lake B&B is situated on Batter Street, close to the (locally) famous Mariaville Lakeside Store. Two of the first owners of the B&B also owned the store.

Mariaville Lake B&B History

The B&B!This photo inspired Rick to put in a circular driveway in the front of the house.

Mariaville Lake is man made. It was originally a marshy area and they dammed it off (excuse my French). Mariaville has typically been a summer vacation spot over the last 50 years or so, with lots of camp style houses around the lake, but over the last two decades, most of the camps have been converted into year-round residences, or torn down and new structures been built. Mariaville Lake also has a several large, beautiful, older houses of historical and architectural significance. Mariaville Lake B&B, and the Frost house, both within eye-sight of the store to name just two. There are others, and also two more interesting houses (that are old, but maybe not 1800’s old), but I won’t tell you about the those last two … they’re sort of hidden and I’m not even sure anyone lives there. Secrets!

Mariaville Map 1866

Map from 1866 – note how the lake is labeled “pond”!

Mariaville has grown quite a bit since the drawing of this 1866 map, but it is still small, quiet and serene. The Presbyterian Church and the Post Office buildings are still there, but are now private residences, and the church has no steeple.  As you can see from the map, there were actually three “hotels” in Mariaville at the time. Of course, they were not the type of hotels as we know today (I doubt they had indoor swimming pools and a fitness center – or even an elevator). I guess that means that Mariaville Lake B&B is not only historic, but following a historic endeavor in the town!

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