Camp Creek 2016 | Mariaville Lake B&B

Are you ready? It’s that time again. Camp Creek time!

Everyone in Mariaville knows what Camp Creek is.  Indian Lookout Country Club has hosted Camp Creek for many years (although it has also been at other venues). It’s a three day music festival, but not a crazy large one, or one with electronic music and lots of early to mid twenties ravers. That’s not to say that age group doesn’t go to Creek, but it does seem to attract more of the holistic recycling type, over the ravers in tutus and furry boots (not that you won’t see any). There’s something more organic about it… not as harsh. One thing that has always struck me about Camp Creek is how family friendly it is, and in a way that no other festival I’ve been to is. From what I’ve seen and experienced, people make life-long friends at Creek.

The first Camp Creek was in 1983, and has since continued, though with a few years off now and then. Max Creek  enjoys a very loyal fan base, mostly North-Easterners. Camp was held at several other locations before coming to Indian Lookout Country Club, where it has been many, many times since. Growing up across the street from ILCC was pretty cool. Ben and I  have gone sledding down the hill to the “Camp Creek Stage”, as we called it, in the winters. It’s a different look in the winter there for sure! But during the summer because of the festivals, we got the opportunity to see so many amazing bands and artists.


Dancing with Dad – always a highlight!

I don’t remember exactly what year it came to ILCC, but I think I was about 11 or 12. I do remember what I wore:  a blue tie-dye T-shirt and jean shorts. It was the only tie-dye shirt I owned at the time, and I remember thinking it was pretty cool and how I probably blended in with everyone. Our parents would bring us over and we loved it. Year by year, and also with additions of other festivals, my brother and I would be allowed to venture off for an hour or two by ourselves. We had to report back, and then after a bit we could wander off again for a while (I didn’t mind reporting back though, because they had the food). As I got older, my friends would come with me, we spent less time with Mom and Dad, and camped out. As I got older still, we spent MORE time with Mom and Dad and slept at the B&B. All of those festivals, Camp Creek and others, were some of the best memories I have. Boy do I have stories. I just can’t tell them here. I also remember Ben and I walking up and down the road after a festival looking for “ground scores”: little lost glass beads,  other artifacts and sometimes money! By the way, a tent in the camping area on Sunday before the festival is officially over does NOT count as a ground score. So, if you have our small camouflage tent from about a decade ago, please return it :-).



Ben and I developed a real love for Max Creek, and saw them at plenty of shows elsewhere too. Boy, do I have stories. But, well –  you know. Ben got into tape trading Creek and Dead shows. He can probably still recite a Max Creek set-list from any show during that time period. We also got the opportunity to see a lot of other great bands at Camp Creek, including Ryan Montbleau Band, Steve Kimock, The Breakfast, not to mention some really cool guest stars. It’s always a great party with lots of glow-sticks and neat toys, hulu hoopers and costumes – and the whole time you feel like you’re with extended family.


Ben and Dad, just before sunset

Wow, I miss it! Neither Ben nor I can make it this year –  so everyone go, have a great time … and as the brilliant sunset comes along, with Creek playing, look to the sky and think of my brother and me!


Ben, Erin, Lorrie

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