~Berry Season’s Pickins ~

It’s strawberry season! You should go pick some! And I don’t mean pick them out at a grocery store, because that’s boring.


We used to go to various “pick your own” spots when we were kids. I still remember the smell of the sun baked straw that lined the paths between strawberry plants. The slight crunch of it as you would kneel down having spotted the biggest, ripest berry. The straw would leave crosshatch indents on your knees and shins, and bits of it would stick to the sweat on your legs. I also don’t think I ever managed to get out of a strawberry patch without a new stain on my “play clothes”.


Mariaville Lake B&B picks strawberries

Somehow my mother always managed to fill her containers twice as quickly as us. This may have been because we ate half of them before they made it into those green cardboard-y baskets. As you may know, fresh strawberries taste better than packaged ones, but did you know they taste even better when you have dirt on your hands and straw stuck on your legs? They do – it’s  fact.


There are some great spots in the area to pick your own berries. Its a wonderful way to spend the day outside, and you end up with plenty of berries to either put in a recipe, or eat alone (as in, by themselves. Not like in a dark room crying. But you could do that too – no judgement here).


Bowman Orchards has close to 100 acres of not just strawberries, but blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries (as well as pumpkins and apples when Autumn comes). Their website lets you know what season to expect the different berries in, which will help you avoid arriving at the wrong time and disappointing your kids 🙂 They also have some sheep, goats and alpacas to check out!

Mariaville Lake B&B picks raspberries

Indian Ladder Farms unfortunately is not doing strawberries this year, but raspberries are about to be in full force! The page on their website for pick your own raspberries has some really cool information on it like what the different parts of the raspberry are called and the best containers to use when picking. They also have animals and do quite a bit when Autumn comes in regards to apples and pumpkins. This year marks their 100th year and their “About Us” page has some great photographs and history. Fruit growing is no small deal!


Those are two of the big ones – but do some research and ask around. There’s something really special about finding small, roadside places to pick berries or buy produce. It makes it feel like a little treasure you’ve just found – kinda like when you’ve spotted the biggest ripest berry !

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