Mariaville Lake B&B – How the Innkeepers met

Rick and Lorrie have been running Mariaville Lake B&B for over a decade. They weren’t always Innkeepers though, and of course did not always know each other.

Mariaville Lake B&B Innkeepers

One of my favorite pictures of the two of them!

The year was 1980. Lorrie was working on her degree in education at Central Connecticut State College and Rick was flying for AirBorne Express. He had come from Ohio to begin a run out of Bradley International Airport, and therefore had taken up residence in Connecticut. He took a room in Norm (Lorrie’s older brother)’s house. So, the story begins.

Rick had been invited to dinner at Norm’s family’s house. Lorrie was also there, and was not particularly interested in meeting this pilot. She imagined a clean shaven, crew cut man in slacks and shiny shoes. If you know Rick, you know that would not be the case. He showed up in his Sunday dinner best – flannel shirt, jeans, workboots, and the (in)famous beard. According to Rick, he didn’t really think too much about meeting Norm’s little sister, and therefore shook her hand and continued on with his evening. If you ask me, he was probably smitten and head-over-heels in love at first sight! Things didn’t really get cookin’ though until one of two things happened:

  • Rick wanted a glass of milk, and Lorrie shot up from the table so fast to get it, she hip checked the table spilling drinks everywhere and very nearly knocking it right over.


  • Rick wanted a glass of milk, and Lorrie, bred in a New England family and possessing the undeniable manners and grace that she does, took it upon herself to be polite to the guest, and went and got it.

Either way, that is the moment that Rick claims he thought “oooh. Wait a second…” They hung out for a few times as a trio with Norm. They discovered they had similar views on life and religion and both enjoyed the outdoors and music. They finally went on an official date: hiking, and a picnic.  Lorrie made “Beer Bread” for the picnic, which is one of the most delicious things you will ever taste. It’s also super easy to make! It is best just out of the oven with a generous amount of butter.


Recipe! Tip: Experimenting with different kinds of beer for different flavor profiles.

Stopping at a package store for a bottle of Black Kat wine, Lorrie was struck at how friendly Rick was. Living in New England her whole life, she had not known anyone who possessed that sort of mid-western friendliness. She might be sick of how much he talks now though 😉 They did get married, and have managed to not only live together all these years, but run a business together, which really is pretty amazing*!


Rick & Lorrie on their wedding day. Yup, Rick is wearing jeans (“They were brand new ones!”).

* As of the date of this post, no one has killed anyone yet.

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